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Modaheal 200mg

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Modaheal 200mg is a drug that doctors prescribe to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. It is an analeptic drug. What are analeptic drugs? Drugs that stimulate the central nervous system are called analeptic drugs. As an analeptic drug, Modaheal 200 increases dopamine levels in the brain and acts as a CNS stimulator. It is also one of the eugeroic drugs. What are eugeroic drugs? Drugs that promote wakefulness are called eugeroic drugs. As a eugeroic drug, it helps the user to stay awake.

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Modaheal 200mg - What is it?

Modaheal is a Modafinil generic drug manufactured by Healing Pharma. Healing Pharma was incepted in 2017. The directors of the company have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. The expertise of the duo has helped the company to manufacture many successful drugs. Modaheal is one of their best products.

Modaheal is available in two forms, Modaheal 100mg and Modaheal 200mg. Modaheal 200mg contains 200 milligrams of Modafinil. Modafinil is a non-amphetamine CNS stimulant.

Amphetamine drugs are highly addictive stimulants. Modafinil is a mild stimulant with decreased risks of addiction and severe side effects. Although it is prescribed to treat daytime sleepiness, it has other benefits too.

Modaheal 200 benefits

  • Sleeping disorder benefitsIt is used to treat sleeping disorders like

  • Narcolepsy or daytime sleepiness - Makes people sleepy and drowsy during the day

  • Obstructive sleep apnea - Occasional cessation of breathing while sleeping causing restless sleep that results in fatigue, headaches, and daytime sleepiness.

  • Shift work sleep disorder - A circadian sleep rhythm disorder that affects people working during non-traditional hours.

  • Anti-fatigue benefitsPatients suffering from depression, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. feel very tired throughout the day. This may affect the quality of their life. Studies conclude that the 200mg of Modafinil in Modaheal can effectively lower their fatigue level of them.

  • Alertness benefitsModaheal makes you alert and attentive. This is helpful in your personal and professional life. Moreover, is generally tolerated by all users and the risk of severe side effects and jitters is low. The fact that US military people use Modafil to stay alert and vigilant is proof of its alertness benefits.

  • Cognitive benefitsModaheal 200 helped to improve short-term memory, fluid intelligence, and decision-making. Short-term memory is helpful for academicians and fluid intelligence is useful for CEOs and politicians.

  • Mental health benefits It is of great help in reducing the severity of the symptoms of mental health issues like depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

Modaheal 200 - Dosage

Modaheal 200 mg is a prescription tablet and you should strictly follow the dosage prescribed by the doctor. The general dosage recommended to treat narcolepsy is 200mg in the early morning and sleep apnea. You should take a tablet an hour before the shift to treating work shift sleep disorder. However, the dosage may change based on your symptoms and medical condition. The effects of the drug last for 12 hours or more. So, you should take the tablet in the morning and not in the afternoon or evening. This may affect your night's sleep. You can take the tablet with or without food. Swallow the tablet with a large glass of water. Don’t use it in powdered form. Never overdose on the tablet. It is dangerous.

Warning and interactions

  • Modaheal 200 should not be used by pregnant women. Studies on animals have shown that it affects the development of the baby.

  • Consuming alcohol can cause a wide range of reactions like blackouts and nervousness.

  • If you are planning to conceive, you should inform your doctor.

  • If you are breastfeeding you should not take Modaheal unless it is essential.

  • Modaheal may decrease the effectiveness of contraceptives. Consult your doctor for alternatives.

  • Inform your doctor if you have a history of liver, heart, kidney, and mental diseases. Your doctor will decide whether the drug is essential or not.

  • Modaheal may interact with other medications you are taking. So, tell your doctor about all medications you are taking.

  • Don’t use Modaheal if you are allergic to Modafinil.

  • Using it for a longer period than recommended can cause dependence.

  • It may cause drowsiness. So avoid driving and operating heavy machinery.

Side effects

Modaheal is generally safe. Most users have reported only mild side effects. The most common side effect is a headache. The next common side effect is nausea followed by sleeping difficulty. They are tolerable and will subside in a few days. If you drink plenty of water and eat less oily and spicy food, you can avoid all these common side effects. Some users have experienced severe side effects. Severe side effects are rare but they need immediate medical attention.

  • Allergic side effects can be life-threatening. The allergy symptoms are rashes in the skin, swollen face, breathing difficulty, swelling in lips, bruises, and itching. If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately.

  • Palpitations and chest pain need emergency care.

  • A confused mind, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts are serious. Stop taking the pill and call your physician.

Buy Modaheal 200

Where to buy Modaheal ? You can buy a doctor’s prescription from registered pharmacies. You can also buy Modaheal 200mg online. Buying Modaheal online is easier, more convenient, and cheaper. However, you should be careful while buying online. You should buy it from a trusted online vendor. You should look for a dealer who is trustworthy, reputed, and reliable. The payment you make should be secure. Compare prices before placing an order. We offer Modaheal 200 at a discounted price. What payment option do you prefer? Is it through a debit card or credit card or bitcoin? Select the method that is convenient for you. When you pay through bitcoin we offer a discount of 20%. When you buy in bulk from us you can save your hard-earned money as we offer a huge discount. Buy Modaheal 200mg to be more focused and stay awake.

Customer reviews

4.4 /5

Top reviews


Phoenix USA

I am a college professor and my job is demanding as I have to handle many classes and many students. I lose my temper with my students when I feel stressed. Modaheal helps me to keep calm without any jitters.


Philadelphia USA

Modafinil was recommended by my doctors to treat my depression and reduce my stress. It was too pricey and so, I prefer Modaheal. I even recommend it to my colleagues when the deadline for a project is nearing.


San Antonio USA

For years I have been taking Modafinil and I believe it is the best nootropic. It improves my memory and energy. Recently I tried Modaheal and I am happy that it is long-lasting and potent.


San Diego USA

I have depression and some of my anti-depressants give me an absurd feeling. Modaheal doesn’t cause any such feelings. I am happy I found it.


Dallas USA

The delivery was fast and the tablet was perfect to keep me focused at work for a full stretch of 9 hours.


San Jose USA

Modaheal did wonders for my tiredness. I used to feel tired right from the moment I get up from my bed. After taking Modaheal, I feel so fresh and happy. I am in a good mood always and this makes my family happy.


Columbus USA

I was taking Modafinil for narcolepsy. It did help me a lot but I was worried that it was too expensive. Modaheal has come to my relief. I am relieved that I found a good alternative to Modafinil.


Indianapolis USA

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago. It was sad to see her lose her memory. Thanks to Modaheal, she is better now and is able to carry on with her normal routine

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Modaheal 200 similar to Amphetamine?

Modaheal is classified as a wakefulness-promoting drug. Amphetamine is classified as a stimulant. They both have stimulant properties. Amphetamine is more addictive while Modaheal is milder.

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    Why is Modaheal called a smart drug?

    It is a prescription drug to treat sleep disorders. Modaheal is called a smart drug because it keeps you more focused and alert.

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      Why do I feel tired after taking Modaheal?

      Modaheal is supposed to enhance your energy levels but some people may suffer from side effects like fatigue and dizziness. If you feel tired consult your doctor.

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        How does Modaheal affect the mood?

        Modaheal has mood-enhancing properties. It has been proven through clinical studies. Patients suffering from depression experience a mood boost.

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          Can I stop taking Modaheal without consulting a doctor?

          Abrupt stopping of the pill may cause withdrawal symptoms. You should not stop taking the pill on your own before the period recommended by your doctor.