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Armodavinil 150mg

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Armodavinil 150mg is a generic form of Armodafinil. It is sold under the brand name Nuvigil. Cephalon manufactures Nuvigil.Inc. It is a prescribed medication for daytime sleepiness. However, it became popular among students, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, etc. as a cognitive enhancer and productivity booster. When FDA approved the generic versions of Armodafinil many companies started the manufacture generic versions of Armodafinil under various names. Armodavinil is one of them. To know more about Armodavinil, read more.

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Armodavinil 150mg - What is it?

Armodafinil is a eugeroic or wakefulness-promoting compound. It is prescribed to treat hypopnea, narcolepsy, and shift work disorder. It helps these people to stay awake during the day or work time and eliminates their extreme tiredness. It is not exactly clear how Armodafinil works but studies prove that it acts on the neurotransmitters that regulate the sleep-wake cycle in the brain.
Armodavinil is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturer. It has the same active ingredient Armodafinil as its brand name Nuvigil. It has the same effect and the same formula but it is cheaper. This does not mean that the quality of Armodavinil is inferior. It is because the manufacturers need not spend money on clinical studies on humans and animals.
Armodavinil 150mg contains 150 milligrams of Armodafinil. Armodafinil is more effective and potent than Modafinil. So, 150 milligrams of Armodafinil is equal to 200 milligrams of Modafinil. So, you need a smaller dosage of Armofavinil when compared to Modafinil.

Armodavinil 150mg - What are its uses and benefits

  • Uses as a prescription tablet As a prescription pill, Armodavinil is used to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, multiple sclerosis, and work shift disorder. It helps them to stay awake and lead a normal life without falling asleep during the daytime and at work.

  • Off-label usesOff the label, doctors use it for treating depression, ADHD, and other psychiatric problems. However, Armodavinil is not recommended as the primary treatment option in the initial stages.

  • Useful as an energy booster Armodavinil is used to treat narcolepsy patients to keep them awake but it helps to enhance energy in normal people. It gets rid of fatigue and keeps you energetic as it acts on the central nervous system.

  • Useful as a cognitive enhancer Studies prove that it improves the cognitive functioning of not only patients with sleep disorders but also healthy individuals. It has memory-boosting properties, especially, short-term memory.

  • Useful as a mood enhancer People suffering from bipolar disorder feel depressed. Armodavinil 150 decreases their depressive symptoms in them and uplifts their mood. As it improves your mood you will feel motivated.

Armodavinil 150mg side effects

Armodavinil is useful in many ways. However, it also has some side effects. The good thing is the common side effects are just mild and the severe side effects are very rare. You will experience mild side effects for a few days after starting to take the tablet. They will go away once your body gets used to the ingredients. If they persist or worsen you have to talk to your doctor. The mild side effects include

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Digestion problems

  • Dizziness and

  • Sleeping difficulty

The severe side effects are rare but they should not be ignored. You should talk to your doctor immediately. Severe side effects include

  • Palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and chest pain

  • Rashes, itching, and bruises on the skin.

  • Swollen lips and mouth

  • Breathing difficulty

  • Abnormal sweating

  • Change in color of stools and urine

  • Depression

  • Confusion and

  • Hallucination

Armodavinil 150 - Dosage

If you take the dosage recommended by your doctor, you can avoid many side effects. The dosage generally recommended is one tablet daily but it may vary depending on your symptoms and needs. Armodavinil 150mg is available in tablet form. It should be swollen with a glass of water. Sometimes, doctors may recommend half a tablet of Armodavinil. Follow the dosage recommended by your doctor strictly, neither less nor more. The tablet should be taken in the morning. If you forget a dosage take it immediately if you remember it before the afternoon. If you remember it only in the evening, don’t take it as it may interfere with your sleeping schedule. Don’t take a double dose the next day as it may cause severe side effects.

Armodavinil 150mg - Precautions to remember

  • Armodavinil may interact with the medications you are taking. It may interact with a few medicines and increase the risk of undesired side effects and with a few, it may decrease their effectiveness. It may interact with antibiotics, antifungals, birth control pills, antidepressants, vitamin supplements, anticonvulsants, and TB medicines.

  • Alcohol can make side effects like dizziness and confusion more intense. You should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks while taking Armodavinil.

  • It should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with a previous history of mental illnesses, heart diseases, and kidney diseases.

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You can buy Armodavinil with a doctor’s prescription in a registered pharmacy. If you are not sure about its availability in the nearby pharmacy, you should buy it online. The best option is to buy Armodavinil online because it is convenient to buy. Moreover, when you buy online you can get attractive discounts that help you to save money. Make sure you buy from a reliable vendor to avoid scams.
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Customer reviews

4.4 /5


Fort Wayne USA

My five years of depression came to an end with the help of Armodafinil. It gave relief to my symptoms. I moved on to Armodavinil two years before. I was not sure if it would give the same results but to my surprise, it was as good as Armodafinil.


Aurora USA

I am 40 years old and have been suffering from narcolepsy for more than 5 years. Adderall was the only drug that worked for me but my doctor prescribed Armodafinil as he was concerned about the risk of abuse. I was really delighted that it worked. When I shifted to the generic because of my change in insurance plan, it too worked. No side effects but better results! Thank you


Cleveland USA

I have been suffering from anxiety after being sexually abused as a child. Nuvigil gave me relief from my anxiety and it helped me to trust others. I changed to Armodavinil, a close alternative to Armodafinil.


Lubbock USA

A good effective drug for people suffering from depression. Other medications can be addictive but not Armodavinl. Highly recommended


Garland USA

I have been using it for just a week. The only problem is my dry throat and reduced


Tacoma USA

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for the past two months. It was a big embarrassment when I fell asleep during one of my office meetings. I have been able to bring things back to normal with Armodavinil.


Bayamon USA

I had trouble sleeping at night and keeping awake during the day. I have seen a positive effect after I started to use this tablet. I am not only awake during the daytime but I am also sharper.


Pomona USA

Armodavinil is a mood booster and cognitive enhancer. If you are looking for something to improve your brain power, go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take Armodavinil on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can take it with or without food. Moreover, taking it on an empty stomach is more effective than taking it on a full stomach.

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    When is the best time to take Armodafinil?

    The best time to take Armodafinil is in the early morning. Taking it in the late evenings is not advised. If you are taking the pill for work shift disorder, take it an hour before the shift.

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      What class of drugs does Armodavinil belong to?

      It belongs to a class of drugs called eugeroics or wakefulness-promoting drugs. Although it stimulates your brain, it is not classified as a stimulant.

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        What will happen if I overdose on Armodavinil?

        You may experience symptoms like confusion, diarrhea, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, and sleeping trouble if you overdose on Armodavinil.

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          Is Armodavinil a narcotic substance?

          No, it is not a narcotic substance. Narcotics are medications used for pain relief and have a high risk of abuse, dependence, and misuse.